Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd

Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Electrical Systems & Civil works for Substation,Plant & Non-plant building for Revival of Ramagundam fertilizer complex project - Ramagundam, Telangana.

Scope of work: 33/11.5 kV Transformers, 5 MVA Transformer ,11kV/0.433 kV , 1.6 MVA Transformers, 6.6/0.433 kV , 2.4 MVA Transformers, Dry type Transformer 0.415/0.415kV,250kVA, 33kV/11kV Isolation Breaker Panels, HT & LT Panels, HT & LT Cables & Termination, Busducts, Battery & Battery Charger, FA System, PDBs, High Mast, Lighting systems, earthing system, Lightning Protection Systems,Telephone System,Cable tray, Structural Steel, High Mast, Street Light Poles and Other Miscellaneous items, Civil works : Substation Building, Concrete Cable Trenches and Other Miscellaneous Items.

Consultant: Engineers India Limited

Project Value: INR. 2200.57 Lacs.