Sintex Industries Ltd - Yarn Division

Supply(Part), Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HT & LT Electrical work Project - Lunsapur, Gujarat.

Scope of work: 1 No. 2000 kVA, 11kV/0.433kV Transformer, 1 No. 1000 kVA, 11kV/0.433 kV Transformer, 1 No. 100 kVA, 415V/415V Isolation Transformer, HT & LT Panel, Capacitor Panel, HT & LT Cables & Termination, Cable Tray, Lighting System, Internal Wiring, Battery & Battery Charger, Busduct, Structural Steel, Raceway, Earthing System, Other Miscellenous Items.

Consultant: SMPS Consultant LLP, Ahmedabad.

Project Value: 272.58 LACS.