Jubilant Infrastructure Ltd

Supply (Part), Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical works for 66/11 kV Switchyard Project - Bharuch, Gujarat.

Scope of work: 66KV Outdoor Switchyard Equipment including 1 No. 66 KV/11.5KV, 15/17.5 MVA Transformer along with RTCC Panel, 66KV Current Transformer, 66kV/√3 / 110V/√3, Potential Transformer, 66kV Bus Post Insulator, 60KV Lightning Arrestor with Discharge Counter, 72.5kV, 1250Amp, 31.5 kA Double Break Isolator, 72.5kV,1250Amp, 31.5 kA, SF6 Circuit Breaker, 11kV NGR, Galvanized Steel Structures for Supporting Equipment, Galvanized Steel Latice Tower Structure, Control Relay Panel, 11KV Breaker Panel, Earthing Systems, Fire Protection and Suppression System & Other Miscellenous Items.

Consultant: Elcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara.

Project Value: 115.51 Lacs