USV Pvt Ltd

Supply(Part), Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical works for Proposed New OSD Formulation plant Project. - Vadodara, Gujarat.

Scope of work: FOUR Pole Structure, HT panels, Transformer, LT Panels, Bus Duct, Distribution Board, UPS System, LT Cables, FLP/WP Cable Termination, FLP/ NON FLP Light Fixtures, FLP/WP Switch Socket, FLP/WP Push button, WP LCS,Raceways, Industrial Switch Socket, Junction Box, Cable Trays, Earthing System, Street Light Pole, High Mast, Point Wiring, Modular Switch socket, Lighting Arrester, Structural Steel, ELV System & Other Miscellaneous Items.

Consultant: Knexir Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

Project Value: INR. 543.75 Lacs